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Welcome to #Quake.no @ Efnet

We currently have just ten servers running, two for Q1 DM and Quake Arena, and alot with coop mods.

Quake 1 Arena server: quake.no:27500
Quake 1 Fragtwn maps server: quake.no:27501
Quake 1 DM II maps server: quake.no:27502
Quake 1 COOP ID maps server: quake.no:27503
Quake 1 Scourge of Armagon COOP server: quake.no:27504
Quake 1 Dissolution of eternity server: quake.no:27505
Quake 1 Travail COOP server: quake.no:27506
Quake 1 Warpspasm COOP server: quake.no:27507
Quake 1 Beyond Belief COOP Server: quake.no:27508
Quake 1 MegaTF Coop with custom maps server: quake.no:27509

More news later :)

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